Winter Tyre Safety

Winter tyres in extreme cold temperature

Snow Tyres – Do we need them?

Many tyre centres are suggesting the idea of ‘snow tyres or ‘winter tyres’ to their consumers, but is it just another way to make you part with your hard earned cash?

When I asked one of our local tyre centres lately if I needed this change in my cars footwear, he gave me quite an honest answer.  “How did you get on last year in the snow?” he asked.  “No real problems.” I said.  “Then you should be fine.  If you had trouble last year then it may be a good idea to make the change before the bad weather sets in.”  

So what are snow tyres?  Do they have spikes or rubber studs and make your car look ready for a trip to the Antarctic?  No.  Basically, winter tyres are made from a more natural rubber that stops the tyre from going hard in the cold making them more adaptable in lower temperatures.  It would seem that because of the way they are made, even in ordinary weather they should work better as they work well on wet and dry and last longer than a regular tyre.  There are other options such as snow chains but they are not as simple as they are meant for more short term use.

However, with pockets tight, do you really want to spend money on an extra set of tyres for such a short (hopefully) time? Really its up to you.  Many of our continental brethren automatically swap for the winter and maybe they have the right Idea.   If they are offered to you as an option and it will make you feel more secure in your vehicle then maybe it would be a good choice for peace of mind.  If you had no problems last year then maybe you won’t need to swap.  ‘The choice is yours?’

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