What Does your favourite coffee say about you?

It’s possible Your coffee order can say whether you are an introvert, extrovert, perfectionist, warm towards others, sensitive and even someone who knows what they want in life never mind in a takeaway cup. Heres what a bit of a search on the InterWeb told us! Do any of these identify to you?


You prefer to keep things simple. You are old school, patient, occasionally quiet, but efficient and set in your ways. You want a coffee that’s fast and hits the spot ASAP. But be careful, don’t become overwhelmed and need to take a step back every once in a while.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Why do you bother. JUST KIDDING WE LOVE YOU AS WELL! Control is your thing. Possibly leaning toward a perfectionist and your health both physical and mental is important to you.

Occasionally overly sensitive and sometimes a bit of a worrier.


Simply a natural born leader that knows how and get things done. No messing, deadlines met and the same expected from others . You need 8 Days in a week to fill your Calander.


Creature Comforts are your thing. Just like your latte, you like to break down the bitterness of life. You are pretty laid back, can be depended on, realistic, but decision making is not among the f irst things in your daily routine. You enjoy the simple things of life.


Espresso, milk and foam, you want everything. Elegant, sophistication and style. You’re a social animal and your local coffee shop is your second home.


Sophistication with a hint of bold. You are warm, sensitive and liked by everyone.


You pride yourself on being traditional in some ways. Procrastination is a big part of life and you don’t get lost in the details. Who has time to brew a whole pot of coffee right?

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