So, Whats it all about?  What’s the world coming to?

For many, ‘The World’ is not much bigger than their family circle, and for those in business, often not much bigger than the footprint of their office or shop, or the spare room/new ‘Office from Home.’

So we decided to see if we could give a platform to local business, the lifeblood of any town, the backbone of the local economy.

This Website, digital magazines (as they are released), along with the associated Instagram page is that stage.  Non Political, Non religious, Non controversial and Not for Local, National or even International causes. The idea is to create in the minds of those who read, like or comment the brands that they can find within the area they live. 

The Idea is Simple. What do you need and who locally can look after that for you? So have a look, support those who are working so hard to provide you with quality.

For each Business, the first advert taken in our magazine, we are providing without charge.  From the second edition we will be a small charge but we hope donations will make up the difference and cover the time, energy and dare we say it…. Love…. that goes into the daily, weekly and monthly work.  We are hoping with some Crowdfunding we can get this website updated and get a few others things moving to get #shoplocal on everyones lips.

And dare we mention……. Lockdown…….


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