Living Room Chic

The Living Room.

It’s the place where all the family and guests spend most of their time so it is important to make sure that this room is comfortable and inviting.

So what furniture should you be looking at?  L shaped sofas are quite popular but can look really out of place if your room is too small.  Big single chairs are great if its just you and the dog, but if there are many others who use that room then something more space saving and yet more seating might be more appropriate.

Basic rules:  A simple sofa, A neutral carpet and a nice sized coffee table.  After that its up to you how you accessorise.  Remember compliment not overkill.

A good idea is to have a mirror somewhere in the room to create an illusion of more space.  

And window dressing is important.  Neutral colours again.  Nothing too heavy materially as it attracts dust.  Something elegant.  

Often times your living room doubles up as an entertainment centre so its a good idea to invest in a cabinet that is both good to look at and yet functional for the many games consoles that may occupy your home.

Finally.  Use the room.  Often times the living room is like a shrine to times gone by.  Yes its great to have a natter at the kitchen table, but take time out to relax in the room that was built for time out.

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