Don’t let your limited budget limit your style. There a quite are few things you can do to keep your look fresh even when you need to be wise with your wardrobe euros. It just takes a little effort and perhaps perusing the sale racks from one of the Shop Local Family online stores or even click and collect. Whether you incorporate one or all, here are 3 simple and inexpensive ways to freshen up your style.

1. Wear more colour

A great way to liven up your look is to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe. Perhaps this is just a matter of wearing a bright t-shirt under a v-neck sweater or sporting a new shirt or sweater. Adding colour will liven up otherwise dull neutral tones. But the most important thing is to wear colour near your face since that is where it will have the most impact and keep you from looking washed out. Some of us with Irish pale skin need the colour bounce!

Note: Whether you are on a budget or not, shopping sales is just a smart thing to do. If you want to pick up a new shirt, sweater etc., you don’t have to wait long for any number of retailers to have a sale, there are constant sales in most of the shops in town right throughout the year

  • Treat Yourself to One or Two Stylish Pieces. If you can possibly stretch to it, try to buy one or 2 pieces that can spark not only your look but also your mood.. Maybe a coolcoat or new pair of jeans just to keep up the style. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you know you will wear often and is flattering.
  • Avoid Tired Looking Shoes

Before Covid II was wearing a nice new suit and was receiving nice comments until the glances hit my feet. Yes my ‘I bought them in New York shoes so I’m wearing them no matter how uncomfortable they are’ I was told were a no no. Yes a tattered pair of shoes can destroy any other effort you have made to look good.


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