Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking up the main street of your local town. Take in all of the windows and shopfronts of the local independent stores and businesses that call our main streets home. Look at all the comings and goings around you as people move in and out of the shops, cafes and offices. Now imagine that same street but without any of these businesses, pretty grim isn’t it? The heart and soul of our towns would be stripped away, and our beautiful town centres would degrade and decay.

These businesses don’t just provide our towns with goods and services, they help create a unique sense of community. No waiting for forty minutes on a customer care line with local businesses, they provide the personal touch and customer service that you just don’t get from other companies. The ability to give someone completely accurate directions using just business names is a uniquely Irish thing and these businesses act as waypoints and meeting places for locals and visitors alike.

Aside from the obvious economic benefits such as creating local jobs and pumping money into the local area, these businesses provide huge value to our local towns and villages, if we lose them we lose so much more than a shop or a restaurant, we lose a whole community.

Sarah W Contributer ❤️

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